Travel Version of the ANTIBACDescription-Eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, viruses, bacteria and molds with UVC-Perfect for sterilizing small spaces like cars, dog houses, refs, toilets, and more!-Emits just the right amount of OZONE gas to rid of Foul Odors.-Has a countdown timer-Lighter Material-Touch Button , Automatically turns off in 15 mins-Disinfects 2-5 sqm. Best in Enclosed Spaces.-Portable and Rechargeable SPECIFICATIONS🔸PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 460mm x 210mm🔸UV STRENGTH: 254 nm + Ozone 185 nm🔸COVERAGE AREA: 2-5 sqm🔸RATED POWER: 2.5W🔸RATED VOLTAGE: 800 mah🔸BATTERY : 450 mAH🔸CHARGING TIME: 90 minsNote: Lyfsaber Packaging willnot be available as of the moment but product will be under a 1 yr warranty

Antibac to GO V2

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