Developed by one of the top Air Purifier companies in Taiwan. Air Buddy POSH is one of the firsy of its kind and can convert into a mini air purifier and a car purifier through its stand and clip. Wirelessly it can run for up to more than 12 hours, and with the plug it can continuously run for up to 2-3 years or over 500 charges. Uses negative ion technology and purifiers air by filtering out pollutants.

Negative Ions: >20 million pcs/cm3 (outlet)) >5 million pcs/cm3 (outlet)) Dimension: 79.5x50.5x21.2mm

Net Weight: 30g Working Time: 15-20 Hours Rechargeable

Colours Available: Pink, White and Black

Highlights: Home Stand Car Clip



Uses Negative Ion technology produced by one of the top purifying companies for DrKLEEN.

Micro-USB charging

Output: 20 million / cubic centimeter Negative Ions (5cm) : 5 million / cubic centimeter

Working time: 15-20 hours

DrKLEEN 24/7 Air Purifying Air Buddy POSH