The Antibac Lite + Germawand Bundle is perfect when your store resumes its operations! Avail our bundle today! Limited Stocks Only!DESCRIPTION-Eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, viruses, bacteria and molds with UVC --Perfect for sterilizing bigger spaces like rooms, house, offices, toilets, and more!-Emits just the right amount of OZONE gas to rid of Foul Odors.-REMOTE and TIMER (15,30,60 minutes) operated,-Remote may be used for up to 1 ft-Has a switch button SPECIFICATIONS🔸PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 460mm x 210mm🔸UV STRENGTH: 253.7 nm🔸COVERAGE AREA: 40 sqm🔸RATED POWER: 38W🔸RATED VOLTAGE: 220V🔸LAMP LIFE: 8000 Hours/replaceable


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